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Shiraume Gakuen High School
and Junior High School

Use :High School & Junior High School
Completion :2011.07
Site area :42,230u
Building area :1,060u
Total floor area :3,815u
Structure/Number of stories: RC+(psrtly)S/ 4F

In this project, outside of the efficiently-arranged classrooms, we wanted to create a space that would be appealing for the students to spend time in. Previously the classrooms had been on the south side of the building, but we lined them up on the north side and put a hallway with lockers and counters on the south side facing the courtyard, resulting in a more open structure. A number of boxy volumes protrude 3.6 meters out from the hallway over the courtyard. Floating amid the trees, these "tree space" serve as terraces and centers for group activities.