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House in Ishigakijima

Completion :2010.12
Site area :1436u
Building area :101.75u
Total floor area :101.75u
Structure/Number of stories: RC / 1F

This house on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, is designed to suit its subtropical location, with good natural ventilation that eliminates the need for air conditioners. The house stands on a large lot, almost appearing to nestle up to the Chinese banyan tree beside it. Around the perimeter of the structure, stacked, ready-made concrete blocks form a colonnade-like openwork wall. The wall offers protection from yearly typhoons while allowing in breezes and light and giving the space an atmosphere similar to one shaded by trees. To improve the insulating quality of the roof, it was heaped with earth and planted with a green garden that overlooks the sea. During typhoons or when the residents are away, the large wooden storm doors can be shut, turning the house into a closed-up box.